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The United Kingdom updated National plan on Business and Human Rights

FCO logo Copyright Protected by Law The RT Hon Baroness Anelay has announced in Parliament the update of the UK’s National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

“I am pleased that we have today published our updated National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. The Plan rightly acknowledges the duty of Government but also sets out our expectation that UK businesses will act responsibly and in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles, wherever they operate.

Human Rights are at the heart of both our Diplomats’ and Ministers’ work and this updated National Action Plan clearly restates our conviction that the promotion of business and respect for human rights go hand in hand.”  stated the Rt Hon Baroness Anelay May 13, 2106 © UK Foreign Office

Good Business: Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, by UK Government

EULEX on Border Security Training

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo ‘EULEX’  upgrades the Expertise of its Border Security Officers 

EULEX Officers in Drug Detection Training Course at Pristina International Airport May 2016






May 11, 2106 © EULEX

In the first week of May, EULEX conducted a special Training for the Law-Enforcement on ‘Drug Detection Training Course’.   Described by EULUX Public Office, the training was delivered by two UK Border Force Trainers at Pristina International Airport (PIA), and aimed to upgrade the expertise of the the Kosovo Border Police and Customs Officers in the areas of:

  • Border Security
  • Detect/seizing all categories of prohibited drugs
  • And  control/interview and arrest the drug traffickers. May 11, 2106 © EULEX

News from EULEX                                              News from KFOR

The United Kingdom’s Leadership in tackling corruption in the globe

Hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron in London, the Anti-Corruption Summit took place on May 12. The Summit was to expose, to shed a light on how to find away for many countries out of it.

Announced by the UK government:  

“This is the first summit of its kind, bringing together world leaders, business and civil society to agree a package of practical steps to:

  • Expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide
  • Punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption
  • Drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists”  May 2016 © UK Gov

Additional Reference:  Anti-Corruption Summit 2016 in London May 12, 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron announces the creation of the first ever global forum to step up international efforts on asset recovery.

The United Kingdom’s support for Gibraltar

FCO logo Copyright Protected by LawForeign Secretary Philip Hammond visited Gibraltar for high level talks on the United Kingdom’s support for the Territory and the upcoming EU referendum.

Foreign Secretary visits Gibraltar May 11 206




Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond visiting Royal Navy RFA Mounts Bay. May 11, 2016 © UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

“The UK’s support for Gibraltar and the Gibraltarian people is firm and unconditional. I look forward to holding strategic talks with the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister on the territory’s thriving economy, defence and security issues, and the upcoming EU referendum.”  highlighted  Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. May 11, 2106   © UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office     Continue to read

Transatlantic Partnership the U.S and the United Kingdom

President Obama’s trip to the United Kingdom, this time was not just a Diplomatic Traditional visit, but it implied far more deeper reflection in many ways……. by displaying the United States inner heart and aspiration…… by expressing forthrightly…… the American hope and the fervour wish– that the United Kingdom maintain its Leadership in Europe.

In the world of our time ……that is characterized with the unknown challenges and the abruption of unsteady mode– more than ever the West has to be prepared as a Fortified Force –and remained United.  And in this front the United Kingdom’s Leadership is not a luxurious requirement yet a crucial need …..and a profound imperative.   In an explicit tone that was the essence of the message President Obama delivered from America to the United Kingdom.  

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron April 22, 2016President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron during the Press briefing, April 22, 2016 © U.S. Embassy London

Excerpt of President Obama’s remark:

 “We are so bound together that nothing is going to impact the emotional and cultural and intellectual affinities between our two countries. So I don’t come here, suggesting in any way that that is impacted by a decision that the people of the United Kingdom may make around whether or not they’re members of the European Union. That is there. That’s solid. And that will continue, hopefully, eternally.

 But, as David said, if one of our best friends is in an organization that enhances their influence and enhances their power and enhances their economy, then I want them to stay in it. Or at least I want to be able to tell them, you know, I think this makes you guys bigger players. I think this helps your economy. I think this helps to create jobs. ” April 22, 2016 ©U.S. Embassy London  Continue to read

Official References:

Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron at a Joint Press Conference, by the White House April 22, 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama at a Joint Press conference, by Prime Minister’s Office April 22, 2016

President Obama’s visit to the UK from April 21-24, by Diplomatic Mission of the United States in London

A view to U.S Relations with the United Kingdom, by Department of States the Office of Historian

 by Catherine Stella Schmidt

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Policy on promoting Human Rights in the World

The United Kingdom through its Political and Diplomatic stance, has been the strongest Advocator, the consistent Promoter and the uncompromising Defender of Human Rights,  and Freedom in the World.


FCO logo Copyright Protected by Law


On the importance of this concept in the UK Foreign Policy– Foreign Secretary The Rt Hon Philip Hammond elaborated:

The promotion of Human Rights is a core part of the everyday work of the Foreign Office and is the responsibility of British diplomats around the world. This year we are doubling the funding available for Human Rights projects to £10 million, through the Magna Carta Fund – a true measure of the importance we attach to this agenda.April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

The announcement by the Foreign Office states:

The Fund is launched on 18 January 2016 by FCO Minister Baroness Anelay which aims to further British interests overseas by tackling the root causes of Human Rights violations, strengthening institutions and governance, promoting and protecting Human Rights, and supporting Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The Fund has three priority themes:

 •Democratic values and the rule of law – Uphold universal rights, democracy and the rule of  law as key building blocks for more secure and prosperous societies;
•The rules-based international order – Support an effective rules-based international order that stands up for universal rights;
•Human rights for a stable world – Promote a more stable world by upholding universal rights in tackling conflict and extremism. April 21, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

Additional References on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to defend Human Rights and promote Democracy around the World:

Human Rights Internationally Report by the UK Foreign Office
The United Kingdom’s Human Rights and Democracy Reports

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The UK Royal Navy and its Global Leadership

The United Kingdom, with the longest Naval history at Seas and the Oceans from the 9th century onwards, has an exceptional role– an eminent  Leadership to exert in European Naval Force in  Operation Atalanta, the EU Naval Force in Operation Sophia, in the NATO’s counter-piracy Mission  Operation Ocean Shield and in recent NATO Operation in the Aegean Sea.

The Main Missions of the Royal Navy

  • Providing Security at Sea
  • Fostering International l Partnerships
  • Preventing Conflict
  • Maintaining the Readiness for Deployments
  • Protecting the Security of Transportation for UK, Europe and the Allies
  • And the Humanitarian Relief Operations

The Royal Navy in fostering International Partnerships

2014 © UK Royal Navy


Interview with Major General Martin Smith, Operation Commander European Union Naval Force Somalia

With a great honour we present, an exclusive interview with the Operation Commander of the European Naval Force in Somalia,  Major General Martin Smith, on the legendary Triumph of the European Union Naval Force in ATALANTA.

                                         Major General SMITH, Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force 2016Major General Martin SMITH, the Commander of European Union Naval Force in Operation Atalanta, during a press briefing in Brussels 2016 © European Union


Q: The EU NAVFOR has achieved a resonating success, in its ongoing Operation. Yet the final outcomes requires a longer commitment of the EU Naval Force— that to imply the extension of its Mandate beyond 2016.

  • To what extend would you agree?

Major General Martin Smith: Over the coming months we will continue to work with WFP, Maritime Industry, counter-piracy partners, international organisations and regional states to assess the threat to shipping transiting off Somalia, and what type and level of security measures will be required post 2016 to ensure that piracy does not once again return to those waters. As you can see from a press release from the ‘Council of European Union’ Following a comprehensive review of this engagement, the Council confirms its intention to extend the mandates of the three CSDP  missions and operation until December 2018, with a view to further enhancing the EU’s Comprehensive Approach in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, in particular the security-development nexus. In this regard, the EU reiterates its resolve to implement as soon as possible its initiative for Capacity Building in support of Security and Development (CBSD).’

  • Please give us an overview of the Operational success up to present time.

Major General Martin Smith: At height of piracy in January 2011, 736 hostages & 32 ships were held from ransom.  As I speak to you today, there are still 26 hostages, but no ships are held.  If you look at factors such as intent, capability and opportunity, Operation Atalanta and the other counter-piracy task forces have, through close coordination, successfully deterred and disrupted pirates at sea and significantly reduced their opportunity to attack ships. 

The self-protection measures, Best Management Practice (BMP), employed by the Shipping Industry and their use of private armed security teams have also had a significant impact, as they have made it very difficult for the pirates to get on board and take a ship for ransom.

The legal process used by the EU to prosecute suspected pirates has also proven to be a notable deterrent, as pirates know that there could be a high price to pay if they go out to sea to attack ships. 

The EU operates a ‘detain and prosecute policy’.  We will always seek, where possible, a legal finish.  Legal handovers are made on the advice of the capturing nation’s Foreign Affairs Department and on the understanding that detainees would receive a fair trial and be treated appropriately. 

We assess pirates still have intent and capability, so International Community must remain vigilant.

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The United Kingdom’s Leadership in NATO

On April 14 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg travelled to London and met with Prime Minister David Cameron. The meeting incorporated discussion on range of issues  that are challenging Europe, the subject of Global Security and the Nuclear Proliferation. The two leaders also discussed on the upcoming NATO Summit in July

                         NATO Secretary General Jens and Prime Minister David Cameron April 2016April 14, 2016 © NATO

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg highlighted that the World in a more unpredictable chart, NATO counts on the United Kingdom’s Leadership in addressing  these challenges and combating with the threats.  He also thanked United Kingdom for its crucial leadership in  NATO’s Collective Defense and the UK’s leading contribution to NATO which is the second to the U.S.

“NATO and the European Union are two organisations which are vital and which are working closely together in many different areas, and I would welcome even closer cooperation,” stated Secretary General  April 14, 2016 © NATO

In early March this year, Prime Minister Cameron announced an additional contribution to NATO’s recent Mission –by deployment of the Royal Naval Ship Mounts Bay in support of NATO Operation to the migrant crisis in the Aegean Sea

The UK’s Leadership in the fight against ISIL

 FCO logo Copyright Protected by LawOn March 31, during an official visit to Lebanon Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond allocated from the United Kingdom  £20 million aid to the Lebanese  Armed Forces.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond 2016 UKGov March 31, 2016 ©UK Foreign Office

Announced by the Foreign office the fund is to  help Lebanon to protect itself against terrorism, including the threat from Daesh.

Additional references: the United Kingdom and Lebanon

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