The United Kingdom’s leadership in Joint Expeditionary Force

EUCOM, UKIn  November 2015,  the United Kingdom reaffirmed  its leading role in the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) with the participation of 10,000 Troops from:  Denmark,  Estonia, Latvia,  Lithuania, the Netherlands and  Norway.

The Joint Expeditionary Force is combined of a highly trained Military personnel to be Deployed at a short notice, for countering a wide range of International crisis, with Combat Power, Conventional Deterrence and Humanitarian Assistance. Described by the UK MoD.

We are Stronger together and have agreed to attach Forces to the JEF when the time is right. The Force will allow the UK and our Allies to share knowledge, skills and resources, and will mean we can deliver a rapidly deployable, flexible and integrated joint Force.”  explained  Defence Secretary Michael Fallon November 30, 2015 © UK M0D

On July 29 of this year,  the UK-led High-Readiness Force commenced its inaugural high level training with the ‘Exercise Joint Venture’ in the Cornwall/UK.   The Exercise aimed to enhance the Joint Expeditionary Force with a new Training and sharing of Land, Air and Sea skills and capabilities with the Armed-Forces from Denmark,  Estonia,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  the Netherlands,  Norway and the United Kingdom. 

Exercise Joint Venture has been a significant milestone in the delivery of the Joint Expeditionary Force. The Standing Joint Force Headquarters is proving new ground, in the way the UK and Coalition Partners are able to deliver real and concerted Military effect in a complex and ever-changing World.  I look forward to the Standing Joint Force Headquarters playing its part in bringing the Joint Expeditionary Force to full operating capability by the end of 2018.”  Stated  Major General Stuart Skeates. July 29, 2016 © UK M0D

UK Flag courtesy of U.S European Command