The Netherlands Transport-Infrastructure system has been ranked the Top

In late October,  European Commission Fact Sheet Memo of 2016  announced the Netherlands Transport and Infrastructure System as the first ranking in Europe for the third year in row.

The Commission’s Fact Sheet 2016 announced: 

The Netherlands record the highest overall score for the third year running. The Dutch transport infrastructure receives top ratings. Marks for its roads, ports and airports are the highest across the EU. The Netherlands also have by far the most charging points for electric vehicles per city in Europe, and they have maintained a very good road safety record.

Belgium’s  port infrastructure is ranked second best in the EU. The time that drivers spend in traffic jams is the third highest in the EU.

Austria ranks third in this year’s Scoreboard. It has the highest consumer satisfaction ratings for urban transport in the EU. The quality of its roads is also rated very highly.

Denmark ranks second in the EU for the availability of charging points for electric vehicles. It has maintained an excellent road and rail safety record.

Sweden ranks second in this year’s Scoreboard. It has maintained its position among the three top performers in road safety. It has the second highest share of renewable energy in transport fuel and is in fourth place in the share of new cars using alternative fuels. Consumers remain rather critical about transport in Sweden across all modes.

The quality of  Finland’s  rail, port and air infrastructure is rated among the best in the entire EU, maintaining last year’s level. The share of renewable energy used in transport fuels has risen sharply and is now the highest in Europe.

Spain has maintained high ratings concerning the quality of its transport infrastructure, with however a small decline in ratings across all modes. It is doing well as regards road safety. Consumer satisfaction with air transport in Spain is the lowest in the EU.

The United Kingdom is among the top performers for private investment in research and development in transport and as regards road and rail safety. The share of renewable energy in transport fuel consumption and the number of new cars that use alternative fuels are increasing but are still below average.   October 22, 2016 © European Commission 

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