The United Kingdom and Hungary an Enduring Partnership

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary visited UK and met with Prime Minister Theresa May on November 9th. The two leaders’ discussion aimed to strengthen the bilateral partnership of the United Kingdom and





London November 9, 2016 ©PM Theresa May’s office

Both countries ensured the continuation of Right and Protection of  Hungarian and UK citizens after the activation of article 50 next year. 

PM Viktor Orbán spoke also on the result of the U.S presidential election and the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump by elaborating that the World has always benefited  whenever it has managed to release itself from the captivity of currently dominant ideological trends. November 9 2016 © PM Viktor Orbán office

Described by the PM Theresa May’s spokesperson:

…………The leaders noted the strength of the bilateral relationship between the UK and Hungary, and that this would continue once the UK had left the EU.”

“They discussed the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and the Prime Minister reaffirmed that she wants and expects to protect the status of EU nationals, but that British citizens’ rights in European member states must be protected in return.” November 9, 2016 © PM’s Theresa May’s office.

  1. Additional:  The Government of Hungary congratulates Donald Trump on his victory
  2. UK PM Theresa May congratulates Donald Trump on his election as the next U.S President
  3. UK and Hungary, by UK Foreign Office

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