Denmark’s New Innovation Centre in Israel

Denmark has opened a new innovation centre in Tel Aviv in October that will strengthen Danish innovation, research, growth, and employment. Announced by the Denmark’s MFA




Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen with Minister Ulla Tørnæs  for Higher Education and Science. October 27, 2016                    © MFA of Denmark 

On the eve of this occasion Minister Kristian Jensen for Foreign Affairs of Denmark highlighted:

Israel is among the OECD countries that invest the most in research and development. And it is internationally recognised for its active and vibrant start-up environment. There are many opportunities for Danish companies and research and educational institutions to enter into partnerships, exchange knowledge and create innovation with some of the very best research and innovation environments in Israel.”  October 27, 2016 © Danish MFA

Israel offers strong research and innovation environments particularly within the fields of health and green energy. The Danish innovation centre will improve the opportunities for Danish companies and researchers to collaborate even closer with these attractive environments for the benefit of Danish research, innovation and growth,” Spoke earlier Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs. October 27, 2016 © Danish MFA

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